Benefits of playing Tennis and our Partners in Europe

1. Exposure to playing with and against the best players
2. Train with coaches of some of the best players in Europe
3. 30-60% of the cost of academies in Spain & France
4. Train on European clay, which is the best surface for developing Tennis skills
5. Opportunities to meet talent scouts and find out what is required for you to obtain financial assistance and work towards contracts with leading sports brands, country federations and play tournaments or club Tennis in numerous European countries

Our Partners in Europe

“Gateway for Creating Champions”

Blast Sports European Tour:  2024

We are very excited to announce our 2nd tour with our European partners: Dejan Vranes, Bora Tennis and Miran Pavlek. Please contact us for more details on this year's 2024 tour dates,

Kerry David Dock [mob: 0437 766 006]


Tennis tours to Europe with former ATP Professional Jurek Stasiak and Blast Sports Principal Kerry Dock.

  • Jurek is the top men’s player produced by the Parramatta Baulkham Hills Tennis Association in the past 3 decades and one of Sydney's top players.
  • He has 20 years experience in playing the Pro tour in every continent.
  • Kerry Dock has been a professional coach with 4 decades of experience at all levels, the organiser of 72 Blast Sports Universal Tennis Rating (UTR) events.
  • Safety of all participants is priority 1, then education and enjoyment of the tour 2!

European Partner and Host


Miran Pavlek:  Principal of GSM Tennis, former Australian pro player and team-mate of Jurek Stasiak. Miran is based in Croatia and an associated partner of


·       Dejan Vranes Tennis, Belgrade, Serbia []

·       Visnjik Tennis, Croatia []

·       Bora Tennis Austria []


Special Note on host Dean Vranes: Dejan is a former Head Coach of the Serbian Men’s Olympic Team and Novak Djokovic.He has also coached several other no. 1 Serbian and European professional Tennis players over the past 20 years.



Exposure of our players to a wider variety of players in Europe.

Gain experience on European Clay Tennis courts so our players

1.     Play longer points and matches.

  1. Develop greater skills and stamina with clay also allowing the player to absorb impact and shock, reducing stress on the body.
  2. Develop greater patience and the strength to deal with higher balls.
  3. Get more time to improve shots and tactics.


  • 6 days training one day per week free (see training schedule attached)
  • 4 hrs on court + 1 hr fitness + stretching daily
  • Match play during the week
  • Tournaments at the end of each week including European Group tournament
  • One local coach to each 4 players + management by Jurek Stasiak

UTR requirement

  • For players aged 12 y.o. and UTR 4 upwardsITINER

For details email Kerry Dock,    mob: 0437 766 00