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Eye Cue Cool Scarf (Navy or White)

The N-Rit Cool Scarf provides cooling effect only with water but without using any cooling device or ice.The scarf is made from high density 40 thread cotton that is durable and semi-permanently reusable. It's reusable up to 30 times by reactivating it with water. The materials are non-toxic and safe for daily use.N-Rit Cool Scarf provides long-lasting cooling effect and can be applied to various areas. An essential item for all kinds of sports and outdoor activities. It's also great for headaches, sore muscles, and hot flashes.N-Rit cooling scarf features a unique and effective Crystal Polymer Cooling Technology, which helps you stay cool by keeping the cooling scarf wet. The crystals have high absorbability, which is perfect for those who tend to sweat a lot.Size: 42x2.1 inches Pack size: 1x9 inchesHow to use:
  1. Soak scarf in water and massage it nice and even so that the content can properly absorb water (soak for 3-5 minutes). *If soaked for too long, stitch could be broken as it absorbs excessive water.
  2. When it gets absorbed with water, take out of the water and dry the surface.
  3. Keep it in the freezer to make it cooler and use on various areas of your body such as neck, head, wrist, etc.
DO NOT use with seawater or salt water. 

Head Tennis Overgrips Prime Tour White 3 Pack

The Head Prime tour overgrip provides a perfect blend of comfort and tackiness. Weight: 5 grams Thickness: 0.6mm This pack

Tecnifibre ATP Pro Player Over Grip (Absorbent feel)

  • Overgrips per Pack
  • Long Lasting
  • Hydrocell Bond
  • Durable Performance
  • Super-Absorbent Overgrip
  • Thickness 0.5mm
  • ATP World Tour Endorsed
  • Colour: Black

Tecnifibre ATP Pro Player Replacement Grip (Tacky feel)

  • Code:51ATPWAMBK
  • Brand:Tecnifibre
  • wax resin coating technology; extra cushion and comfort with the 2.10mm thickness.

Tecnifibre ATP Pro Player Replacement Grip X-Tra Feel

  • Tecnifibre X-tra Feel is a replacement grip that is able to absorb moisture up to five times quicker than traditional replacement grips.Thickness: 1.90mm

Tecnifibre ATP Tennis Lead Tape 2grams – 10 bars of 2g

  • 3 packets x 72 inch reels
  • This 1/4 inch wide strip of lead tape adds weight to your racket and delivers more power. Adhesive backed so it attaches easily to racket frame. Just cut and press. Used and endorsed by Pete Sampras.
  • Approx. 72 inches (182cm) of tape is included on the reel.
  • 4" of this lead tape weighs 1 gram.

Tecnifibre Pro Players Overgrip White 12 Pack

  • Hydrocell Bond Technology evacuates humidity up to five times faster than standard grip
  • 12 grips per pack
  • 0.5mm thickness
  • Colors: White

Tecnifibre Razor Code 17g Tennis String 1.25mm


Tecnifibre Razor Code is a popular poly string for people who break strings regularly and also want more topspin with very little effort.

  • Gives you more durability without the harshness and injuries that come from stiffer poly strings.
  • 1.25mm

Tecnifibre Razor Code 18g Tennis String 1.20mm

Tecnifibre Razor Code 18 is a medium firm co-poly designed for big hitters who favor a crisp response. All-around playability for the strong intermediate who wants to make the transition to a firmer control string.
  • Gauge: 18/1.20mm
  • Length: 40ft/12.2m
  • Composition: Co-polymer Monofilament
  • Colour: Blue, White

Tecnifibre Synthetic  Gut Tennis String (set of 12m for one racquet)


Tecnifibre synthetic gut is a high quality entry level string for beginners through to competition players


Tecnifibre Tennis ATP Pro Player Overgrips (pack of 3)

  • Code:3490150121484
  • Brand:Tecnifibre
  • 0.50mm thickness;? new Hydrocell bond which drains moisture up to 5 times faster