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Tennis Blast Fitness & Footwork MP4 Video & Full Colour PDF Manual


Tennis Blast Fitness & Footwork Complete

File NameTypeSize
Tennis Blast Complete Pack ManualPDF10.9 MB
Tennis Blast Complete Pack Video - Basic Movements & Aerobic FitnessMP41.81 GB
Tennis Blast Complete Pack Video - Strength & AbdominalsMP41.97 GB
Tennis Blast Complete Pack Video - Shadow Tennis - GroundstrokesMP41.64 GB
Tennis Blast Complete Pack Video - Warm ups, Serve, Netplay, Volley Drills & FlexabilityMP41.57 GB
The Tennis Blast Complete System consists of 175 core exercises that can be turned into any number of tennis and fitness drills - including warm ups, flexibility, ball skills, aerobics, footwork patterns, ladders, offensive, rally and defensive contact moves, serve and net-play contact moves.The Complete Pack includes 4 Videos and a complete manual which explains clearly and simply each exercise and includes progressive photos.There are 50 tennis specific strength exercises with 12 stances for hitting forehands and backhands, leg power, abdominal and full body band exercises that can replace some of the most commonly used weights exercises in the gym.With the Tennis Blast Complete Pack all tennis fitness and skills can be done at home, indoors or outdoors at any time. It is perfect for wet weather lessons.A fun, stimulating tennis skills and athletic fitness workout done to music that everyone can enjoy.It is effective, inexpensive and features a step by step learning system using simple progressions with a modern tennis language with names for every movement used when playing tennis.

Tennis Blast For Kids

File NameTypeSize
Tennis Blast for Kids ManualPDF4.3 MB
Tennis Blast for Kids - Video 1MP41.98 GB
Tennis Blast for Kids - Video 2MP41.57 GB
?The Tennis Blast for Kids pack?is especially designed for kids under 12 years old.The DIGITAL pack contains 2 videos and a 100 page color manual with sequential photos, instructions, definitions and benefits explained.Tennis Blast for Kids contains all the teaching progressions needed to learn simplified versions of The Bailey Method Pure Contact Moves. ?It is a fantastic tool for young players and coaches who wish to master the art of shadow tennis and practice the out steps, recovery steps, balance moves suitable for kids.There are simple forehand and backhand ground stroke moves, plus other drills where volleys, serve and smashes are also practiced.It is an ideal way to learn the ?cue words" that Dave calls out when teaching his students in private and group lessons. ?The pack also includes warm ?ups, stretching and a bonus tennis dance segment (showing young students hitting the moves on the tennis court).Tennis Blast for Kids can be practiced at home or projected onto a wall so that many players can shadow at once.It is a fantastic resource for wet weather lessons. 

Tennis Blast Forehand & Backhand Shadow Tennis Contact Moves

File NameTypeSize
Tennis Blast Forehand & Backhand Shadow Tennis VideoMP41.06 GB
Tennis Blast Forehand & Backhand Shadow Tennis ManualPDF2.41 MB
The Tennis Blast Forehand and Backhand Shadow Tennis leads players through the essential forehand and backhand groundsrokes through the use of shadow tennis drills.The pack contains a video and manual covering 13 forehand attacking, rally and defensive groundstrokes + 11 backhand attacking, rally and defensive groundstrokes.The video is best played on a large TV in a suitable living area, or on-court screen, with players shadowing the Moves demonstrated by Dave Bailey. The manual contains detailed descriptions and progressive photos for each Move.