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Tecnifibre ATP Pro Player Over Grip (Absorbent feel)

  • Overgrips per Pack
  • Long Lasting
  • Hydrocell Bond
  • Durable Performance
  • Super-Absorbent Overgrip
  • Thickness 0.5mm
  • ATP World Tour Endorsed
  • Colour: Black

Tecnifibre ATP Pro Player Replacement Grip (Tacky feel)

  • Code:51ATPWAMBK
  • Brand:Tecnifibre
  • wax resin coating technology; extra cushion and comfort with the 2.10mm thickness.

Tecnifibre ATP Pro Player Replacement Grip X-Tra Feel

  • Tecnifibre X-tra Feel is a replacement grip that is able to absorb moisture up to five times quicker than traditional replacement grips.Thickness:¬†1.90mm

Tecnifibre Pro Players Overgrip White 12 Pack

  • Hydrocell Bond Technology evacuates humidity up to five times faster than standard grip
  • 12 grips per pack
  • 0.5mm thickness
  • Colors: White

Tecnifibre Tennis ATP Pro Player Overgrips (pack of 3)

  • Code:3490150121484
  • Brand:Tecnifibre
  • 0.50mm thickness;? new Hydrocell bond which drains moisture up to 5 times faster

Tecnifibre Tennis ATP Pro Player Tri Colour Overgrips (pack of 3)

  • Code:52ATPCOASS Brand:Tecnifibre
  • 0.60mm thickness
  • Each 3-pack¬† yellow, pink and green.