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Head Tennis Racquet Ti. S6 (Grip 4 1/4)

The best selling racquet in the history of HEAD. This explosively powerful, lightweight racquet with titanium/graphite construction is ideal for players with a short, compact swing. Stiff construction provides increased power and better handling while an ultralight swingweight maximizes maneuverability.This racquet is?prestrung?with Head Synthetic Gut 16 Natural. 

Tecnifibre T-fight 255 RS Graphite Tennis Racquet 2023 (strung)

The Tecnifibre T-Fight 255 Isoflex is a lighter racquet featuring Isoflex technology which offers an evolving stiffness around the frame.Features:
  • 255 grams weight (unstrung)
  • 100 square inch head size
  • 16 x 19 string pattern

Tecnifibre T-Fit Power 290  Tennis Racquet (grip 1/4 or 3/8) strung

  • The TFIT 290 POWER MAX tennis racket represents the best compromise between power and comfort.
  • bonus overgrip & vibration dampener
  • Developed for regular and occasional players looking for a high performance product.
  • Great comfort thanks to the Synergy Link, a PU insert all around the string contacting mesh to absorb the shock of ball impact.
  • Its 645cm² mesh size and 16x19 string pattern provide stability and spin.

Tecnifibre T-Fit Storm 265 Prestrung Tennis Racquet grip 2 (4 1/4)

  • Crafted as a perfect option for intermediate players, the Tecnifibre T-Fit Storm 265 Prestrung Tennis Racquet offers easy access to power, spin, and comfort. The 23 millimeter cross section provides a good level of stability, and the reinforced graphite construction makes sure the racquet can hold up against bigger hitters. This racquet arrives pre-strung with Synthetic Gut from the manufacturer. The 102 square inch head offers a little more forgiveness than a standard mid plus frame.Construction: Graphite and AluminumHead Size: 102 sq inBeam: 23 mmString Pattern: 16x19Length: 27 inchesPre-Strung with Synthetic GutUnstrung Weight: 9.3 oz (265grams)


A power tennis racket which is easy to play with for an effortless game.A lot of spin potential.Comes with a vibration dampener and an overgrip for a perfect grip. And it is also sold strung.

TFIT 275 SPEED 2022 grip 2 (4 1/4)

A forgiving tennis racket which is easy to play with. Comes with a vibration dampener and an overgrip for a perfect grip. And it is also sold strung.

Tecnifibre T-Rebound 298 IGA strung

The Tecnifibre T-Rebound 298 Iga Swiatek?racquet is ideal for players looking for performance thanks to this stable model offering a good power/control ratio. The?630 cm??headsize offers great accuracy on all shots. Its weight of?298g?coupled with a balance of?32 cm?will be very interesting to have an excellent stability. This will allow you to hit hard with a lot of confidence while being able to take your opponent's hits. The?16x19?string pattern is also important to increase the spin of the ball and keep your opponents back.A stable racquet with plenty of spin and versatility for the competitive player

Tecnifibre Tempo 298 IGA strung in Tecnifibre 2022

WTA revelation and winner of the French Open in 2020, Iga Swiatek joined the Tecnifibre team in January 2021. She tested, selected and signed her name to the Tempo 298 tennis racket. It was created to provide speed and controlled power to demanding female tennis players. The ´´eli-square´´ frame section provides a good compromise of power and control. It is complemented by XTC fibre inserts, polyester and aluminium filaments to disperse shock at ball impact and promote better feel. The Iga Tempo 298 tennis racket has been custom developed: all the technical characteristics (weight 298g, 630cm² headsize, 320mm balance, grip...) have been optimised on the court with it in order to obtain the perfect swing speed in all situations. Also, with her attention to detail, Iga wanted to personalise the cosmetics of the product with a glossy finish and signed the frame for approval. Sold unstrung.Specifications:
  •  Header size: 630cm² / 98in²
  •  Roped: No
  •  Material: 100% graphite
  •  Grip: X-Tra Feel
  •  Balance: 320mm
  •  Spin: 5
  •  Playability: 5
  •  Weight: 298g / 10.5oz
  •  Stiffness: 69
  •  String Pattern: 16x1

Tecnifibre TF-X1 275 racquet strung in synthetic gut

  • Lightest and fastest member of Tecnifibre's TF-X1 family!
  • 677 square cm head.
  • At just 275 grams (unstrung) the TF-X1 275 is not only suitable to rising intermediates, it should also help dedicated beginners master the fundamentals of pace and spin.
  • Technologies includes Tecnifibre’s IsoFlex System
  • Ultimately, this is a great option for dedicated beginners and early intermediates.

Tecnifibre TF-X1 300 racquet strung in Tecnifibre Razor code

  • A next-generation racket created to boost power all while maximizing stability, tolerance and comfort.
  • The frame ergonomics have been optimized with a rounded head size and reinforced sections for more power and stability.
  • Isoflex technology, an all-new progressive section design, with more rigid short strings and longer long strings for the most flexible string pattern allows players to maintain speed and precision with off-centre shots.
  • The exclusive shock absorbing technology X-Damp reduces harmful racket vibrations by up to 36%: less fatigue and more performance.
  • With a weight of 300 g, a head size of 645 cm2 and a 16 x 20 string pattern, it is the best combination of power and spin for top-level competitors. Sold unstrung

Josan Macro Spin Tennis Racquet – frame (grip 4 3/8)

  • The frame is constructed of 100% High-Modulus Graphite, injected with unique Macro.Core. Providing effortless power with ultimate comfort, the 14 main by 16 cross string pattern enables unprecedented spin.
  • For all the over-40?s players, this racquet turns back the clock 20 years to give you the power and spin you used to get in your 20?s.It is also perfect for players with chronic elbow or shoulder problems as the?Macro.Core?protects you from harmful vibrations while the open string pattern means you don?t need to swing as hard or as fast to achieve desired power.

Tecnifibre T-fight RS 280 Graphite Tennis Racquet (Strung in Tecnifibre at 53lbs)

  • 27 inch full size Tennis racquet
  • Top quality at at 20% less than Head, Babolat, Wilson and Yonex racquets of equal quality
  • Strung in Tecnifibre Imulti-filament
  • recommended tension of 53 lbs (24 kgs)
  • All Tecnifibre multi-filament strings are premium quality, made in France